Providing Affordable Bulk Liquid Alcohol 80% Hand-Sanitizer To Our Much Needed Industries

How We Started

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit this spring, companies large and small were faced with new existential threats. One of those threats: keeping “nonessential” employees safe at work in the midst of a dire hand sanitizer shortage.

Nearly all FDA-approved sanitization products have been directed to hospitals, first responders, and “essential” businesses, leaving only overpriced options for the hundreds of thousands of businesses deemed “nonessential.”

Two American businesses have joined forces to create a solution. Safe House, a distillery in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and Franek Technologies Inc., a California-based manufacturer of uninterruptible power supplies for laboratories, have joined forces to manufacture and distribute their own sanitizer at a fair price point geared toward empowering nonessential businesses.

Our Mission

The companies hope to bring their “Safe House Hand Sanitizer” to restaurants, private ambulance companies, retirement homes, self-employed caregivers, private labs, veterinarians, dog groomers, and other businesses trying to keep their doors open while protecting their staff and their customers during the pandemic.


Hand sanitizer has proven essential in creating sanitized interior environments protecting against coronavirus exposure. Frequent hand washing and sanitizing are the most important ways to slow or stop the spread of coronavirus and other dangerous infectious diseases.

Safe House’s Wholesale Hand Sanitizer is made in the USA and available with same-day shipping.

What We Offer

Sold by the gallon, the 80-percent alcohol antiseptic is a topical solution that, when applied generously as a hand rub, can help reduce bacteria, viruses, and other microbes known to potentially cause disease.